The Biladi are a people in crisis, teetering on the precipice of change that may cost them what they had once identified as their communal soul. Not an ancient race by any measure of such things, the Biladi were present in the lands that would become the Balam Alliance prior to the arrival of even the Kalburn. Though the Biladi had attempted to be on good terms with their neighbors, they did not flourish as the Kalburn did. By the time that the Alliance began to form and set its sights on conquest, the Biladi were already a people in decline. Faced with total extinction, it is hard to villify them when they ultimately betrayed the Kalburn and sided with the Balamites in the Kalburn Wars.

Having been absorbed completely into the Alliance, the Biladi find themselves being torn between three ideological camps as their people slowly rise up from the maw of oblivion. There are those who have embraced the metropolitan lifestyle of the Alliance completely, disdaining their tribal roots and casting them away as trash. There are those who cling tightly to the ways of the past, seeing it as a purity unmatched by the secular world and that the Alliance was and should always be used only as a protective shield for the Biladi. And then there are those who try to breech the divide, finding a fusion of the old and the new to strengthen the Biladi as they march into the future.

Physical Description: Biladi height generally falls between four feet nine inches and five feet seven inches and weight ranges from sixty to one hundred eighty pounds (with males on average being taller and heavier than females). Biladi are feline humanoids whose structure is very similar to that of the mountain lion. Their fur comes in varying shades of brown, black, gray and even white, while their eyes are usually shades of green, yellow and blue.

Life Expectancy: Biladi are physically mature by the age of eleven (though they continue to age and grow into their early to mid twenties). A Biladi is considered middle-aged when they’ve reached their thirty-fifth year and few Biladi ever live beyond the age of eighty.

Racial Traits

  • +2 Dexterity
  • Medium size
  • 30 foot base land speed
  • Low-Light Vision: Biladi treat shadowy illumination as normal illumination and total darkness as shadowy illumination.
  • Born Hunter: Biladi have Advantage when using Stealth to hide from or using Survival to track creatures that are unaware of their presence.
  • Lucky: If a Biladi receives a result on a roll that they are unhappy with, they may roll again and take the result between the two they like more. A Biladi can do this two times per day.
  • Sprinter: Biladi increase their base land speed by 10 feet when using the charge, run or withdraw actions.


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