The Kalburn are one of the most proliferate (along with the Ruesk and Virum) races that exist on the world of Tenomeda. Not as old as the Ruesk, but not as young as the Virum either, the Kalburn stand out against their peer races as having not, on almost the whole, advanced culturally past tribal societies. They still inhabit the untamed wilds that have existed since their people first came to exist on Tenomeda and show little want to leave behind the primal life that has been their way for centuries. This has found them at odds with the more cosmopolitan Ruesk and Virum (and other races for that matter) and has lead to more than one war between the forces of “civilization” and the Kalburn nations. The Kalburn have always been a reserved and isolated people, preferring to having little contact with other races unless it was necessary for survival or other reasons. It is only within the last few generations that this has expanded into full blown Xenophobia as the fall out of wars and exterminations of the Kalburn.

Physical Description: Kalburn height generally falls between five feet nine inches and seven feet and weight ranges from ninety to two hundred and fifty pounds (with males on average being taller and heavier than females). Kalburn are canid humanoids, their pelt consistency, muzzle size and shape, ear length and other discerning physical traits differing based upon where that specific Kalburn’s tribe lived (Kalburn native to Yndiras, for example, share similarities to the jackal, while those from the World’s Roof look like arctic wolves). The only real discerning features between a male and female Kalburn is that females are generally leaner and possess multiple mammary glands.

Life Expectancy: Kalburn are physically mature by the age of ten (though they continue to age and grow into their early to mid twenties). A Kalburn is considered middle-aged when they’ve reached their thirtieth year and few Kalburn ever live beyond the age of sixty.

Racial Traits

  • +2 Strength, +2 Wisdom
  • Medium size
  • 30 foot base land speed
  • Monstrous: Kalburn have two racial hit dice of the humanoid type and have the Kalburn subtype. This makes them the equivalent of a first level character before any levels in a class.
  • Low-Light Vision: Kalburn treat shadowy illumination as normal illumination and total darkness as shadowy illumination.
  • Among the Beasts: A Kalburn can use Diplomacy in place of Handle Animal when dealing with creatures of the animal type and receive Advantage on such checks.
  • Pack Tactics: When a Kalburn flanks a creature that is already engaged with an ally, they gain Advantage on their next attack against that creature.
  • Sharp Senses: Kalburn always have Advantage on Perception checks.
  • Tough Hide: Kalburn have a Natural Armor bonus equal to their Constitution modifier (minimum +1).


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