Acclaimed children of Kui Lai, the Celestial Sage, the Kappa were born to serve as the hands and feet of Mogu, the Star Caller. Loyal, honest and without ego by nature, they were crafted to be the perfect foot soldiers and this was an expectation that they lived up to until the last moments of the war that they had been born to fight. But like all bloodshed, there time to fight came to an end and they suddenly found themselves having to adapt to being a people instead of a devoted weapon. The Kappa have spent the spanning reigns of the last three emperors trying to find their place amongst the Empire, fitting into a society that saw them, even somewhat to this day, with reverence and with personal shame. Though time amongst the citizens of the Empire has slowly eroded away some of their perfect selflessness (bringing them in-line with the gamut of flaws that mortals are meant to possess), they find themselves now being held as not amongst the people. The rule of Heisen IV has become increasingly cold towards non-Taiyo and the Kappa specifically and only time will see if darker times are in store.

Physical Description: Kappa height generally falls between three feet seven inches and and four feet six inches and weight ranges from one hundred fifty pounds to three hundred pounds (with males on average being taller and heavier than females). Kappa are essentially humanoid terrapins, their skin tones coming in shades of blacks, browns, yellows and greens. The hard shell on their backs is usually of an earthen tone.

Life Expectancy: Kappa are physically mature by the age of eight, but are not recognized as being adults until they reach the age of twenty. A Kappa is considered middle aged when they’ve reached their thirty fifth year and few Kappa ever live beyond the age of ninety.

Racial Traits

  • +2 Strength, +2 Constitution
  • Medium size
  • 30 foot base land speed
  • Monstrous: Kappa have two racial hit dice of the humanoid type and have the Aquatic and Kappa subtypes. This makes them the equivalent of a first level character before any levels in a class.
  • Swimmer: Kappas possess a swim speed of 30 feet.
  • Amphibious: Kappas can survive indefinitely on land.
  • Dedication: Kappas receive Advantage on skill checks when they use the take 10 or take 20 actions.
  • Leathery Shell: Kappas possess a +2 Natural Armor bonus.
  • Murk-vision: Kappas are treated as if they had low-light vision when submerged underwater.


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