The Rantoj are one of the three tribal races that battle for supremacy across the wind torn landscape of the World’s Roof. Though they pass down their history orally through their shamans and it has been maintained extensively for many generations, no single tribe is aware of from whence they actually came. They attribute their origins to their creator deity, Risi, having defeated the great ice beast Burs, mixing the cooling blood of the monster with his own seed to birth forth his children, but this is as close as they come to the truth.

The Rantoj value endurance and toughness above all other things, even more than strength or intellect. The leader of a tribe is always the individual who suffered and survived the worst wound amongst them and was not crippled as the cost of that survival. Little respect is won from a Rantoj simply for surmounting a difficult task if no injury resulted from the exchange (Rantoj Shamans will cut and scar themselves as part of their casting of magic).

Though any encounters between the Rantoj, the Virum tribes and the Kalburn almost always end in bloodshed, the enmity between the three races is minimal. Countless generations of living aside one another in the unforgiving cold of the northern lands has given more than enough time for each to see that the other two are warriors and enemies worthy of respect. The same cannot be said of newcomers to their world.

Physical Description: Rantoj height generally falls between five feet nine inches and seven feet and weight ranges from one hundred to two hundred fifty pounds (with males on average being taller and heavier than females). Rantoj skin tones ranges in varying shades of blues, greens and grays, while the color of their hair can vary between dark browns, blacks, grays and even whites. Rantoj normally have some amount of bulbousness to their nose, a slight jutting slope to their brow and their skin have hard lumps that look almost like stones jutting from the flesh.

Life Expectancy: Rantoj are physical mature by the age of ten and are considered middle-aged when they’ve reached their one hundredth and fiftieth year. Few Rantoj live past the age of three hundred, but this is rarely an issue as their violent lives mean that even seeing middle age does not occur often.

Racial Traits

  • +2 Constitution
  • Medium size
  • 30 foot base land speed
  • Monstrous: Rantoj have two racial hit dice of the humanoid type and have the Rantoj subtype. This makes them the equivalent of a first level character before any levels in a class.
  • Ferocity: Rantoj possess the Ferocity special quality.
  • Ice Child: Rantoj have Resistance to Cold.
  • Thick Hide: Rantoj have a natural armor bonus equal to their Constitution modifier (minimum +1).
  • What doesn’t kill you: Every time that a Rantoj has to roll on the Moderate or Severe Wound Loss chart and it does not result in their death or crippling, they receive a permanent +1 bonus to all social checks with other Rantoj and cultures that value strength and toughness.


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