The Taiyo are both of the people and above them. In their veins courses the divine blood of the Great Celestial Sage, Kui Lai, completely undiluted from the original transfusion given to Mifune I. They were chosen to rule over Kui Lai from its birth and it is no question in the minds of many (as the horrors of older generations have been mostly forgotten) that they will continue to rule till its death. No Taiyo is a part of anything but nobility and grace,anything mundane or common written off simply as a hobby or a passing interest by their peers and the people. But they are in no way immune to the hubris of mortality, even experiencing it in some ways more strongly than those they lord over because of their arrogance and innately clashing existence.

Physical Description: A Taiyo looks identical to a normal member of their race, save that they are almost in perfect physical condition. The most discerning qualities of the Taiyo that sets them apart is their hair which is white as the purest snow fall and their eyes, which are golden bottomless pools of majesty. Kappa Taiyo are unique in that their bodies are pure white, their shells are gold and their eyes are as green as the most expensive emerald.

Life Expectancy: A Taiyo lives one and a half times longer than is normal for their race.

“Taiyo” Template
“Taiyo” is an inherited template that can be added to any Virum, Ruesk or Kappa. A Taiyo uses the base creature’s stats and abilities except as noted here.

CR: Base Creature +1.
Senses: A Taiyo gains Darkvision out to 60 feet and Blindsense out to 10 feet.
Armor Class: A Taiyo’s Natural Armor bonus is increased by their Constitution modifer (minimum +1).
Defensive Abilities: A Taiyo gains Resistance to Fire and damage from Non-Magical weapons.
Special Qualities:

Ageless (Ex)
A Taiyo does not reduce their physical ability scores because of age. A Taiyo still dies when they reach their maximum age.

Ability Scores: A Taiyo receives a +2 increase to all of its Ability Scores.


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